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infant soft goods, natural babycare items, layette gift sets, finest baby toys, kids summer wear manufacturers from Thailand
Our in-house design team helps us in concentrating on our main objective of providing something new to the customers all the time. Not only, we have changed the way basic layette sets are presented by changing the boxes, the prints of the boxes and the fabrics and the embroideries; we have also been able to give a sense of freshness even to good old regular lines like 7 days bibs set by redesigning the box, by doing binding in gingham and printed fabric rather than all solid colored fabric and by developing all together new prints. We have been experimenting with different type of fabrics with variety of self-designs in our sets instead of using the regular interlock and jersey fabrics. In sets, we keep on working with various types of assortments by combining soft goods with soft toys and hard plastic goods.
We have the infrastructure to develop the complete Plano gram, just from the brand name and the logo of a customer. We develop the complete range by developing packaging with all necessary text as per the regulations of the importing country, coordinating the colors, prints and the embroideries throughout the range and developing various SKUís for different retail price points  
Due to our long exposure to the international market, while developing a set, we try to work backwards from the retail price of a set. By working on the costs and the margins of the stores and the importers, and adding it to the landed cost of a product; we calculate the FOB value at which a set should be priced. 
We have the policy of not sharing the concepts of a particular client with anybody else. This provides a much needed comfort level to our customers in sharing their ideas and concepts with us. At the same time, we would continue to work on our policy of giving exclusivity on various gift concepts for the same retail market. 
Instead of supplier-customer relationship, we see our customers as our business partners. We would be growing together with our customers. 

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